I like you because it's my fate!

Davide Mardegan

From: İtalia
Type: Short Film

Hello, I like you.
I'm telling you this right now so you won't think that I'm writing you for some other reason. I liked you from the very first sight but not before, when I didn't even know you and I don't know if I already liked you or not. But since I do like you I think I also love you. I know it because you are beautiful and you have freckles and you know what... I'm not that bad at all. I'm even a bit cute. If you like me too, then we can get married. But not today because I have to go swimming. I promise you, that as soon as I get home I'll come to you and will bring you all the flowers in the world. I'll buy a whole flower shop and I'll bring it to you. Because I like you. I'll take you out for dinner but not in a bad place but in the most beautiful of the beautiful places. I'll always be good looking so you won't even look at other guys but just me. If you want, when we'll see each other I'll give you kisses, if you like them, I don't but if you like them I'll give you many kisses like those you see in the movies.
Because I like you.